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Beautiful pergolas from our company come from skilled artisans with a dedication to perfect pergola installation that makes us one of the best pergola builders Seattle has seen. With over a decade of experience building pergolas and hundreds built, we have earned a reputation for quality, professional pergolas. We can complete any pergola project, no matter how small or large, and we work hard to save you time and money.

As a first-class pergola builder, we offer free estimates, which will allow us to look at your outdoor space and provide custom pergolas based on your requirements. Our services include fabric canopy covers, shading sails, patio pergolas, and pergola Seattle lighting. We will help you turn your pergola project into an outdoor oasis.

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Your Property Deserves a

Unique Pergola Seattle Design

Pergolas also provide people with many different opportunities for their home’s exterior design. Pergola designs are not limited to square or rectangular pergolas. It can also be found in circles, octagons, courts, and other shapes of pergola kits made of high-quality, low-maintenance materials that will stand the test of time throughout all four seasons.

Our pergolas can help you enhance your backyard landscape design while providing you with a place to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about bad weather ruining your day. Pergolas are an investment that will never go out of style because there is no limit to the types you’ll find today on our website!

Pergolas make great outdoor living spaces, whether used as an entertainment area or simply accent your landscape design. Pergolas can be built with our simple pergola are delivered in easy-to-handle components engineered for fast, sure assembly.

WHERE TO BUY PERGOLAS IN SEATTLE? Look no further! Here at Seattle Pergola, we offer high-quality pergola plans building materials to get exactly what you want. We have both pergolas & pergola trade options available that you can choose from. Let our pergolas be the perfect addition to your backyard view!

We Are the Pergola Experts You Can Rely on.

Pergolas are the perfect way to add shade and natural beauty to your property.  This type of structure can be used in many ways to create a focal point on any property. The pergolas we install are available in three different styles that function uniquely depending on their use or placement on your property. There are dozens of fabrics to choose from when selecting the pergola cover that best suits your pergola installation.

Pergolas are so popular because pergolas can provide you with many different benefits no matter the style or design you’ll have on your property. Shade, beauty, entertainment, relaxation, and enjoyment are just some of the things pergolas provide

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Our professional team builds our pergolas with high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity in all seasons. People love pergolas for their generous covering, allowing people to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about sun exposure or terrible weather conditions getting in the way of a good time.